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How to control ticks – acaricides (tick pesticides)

Are you afraid of ticks stick to your children or pets? There is an easy solution: tick pesticides.

Why ticks are dangerous

A tick is a very dangerous mite. They feast on blood and carry serious diseases, such as:

  • Lyme disease
  • and tick-borne encephalitis.

Ticks occur in woods, grasses and meadows. It is dangerous not only to your children, but also to your pets.

postřik-proti-klíšťatůmWhat kind of situations do we deal with

Do you live in a house with a garden where ticks can be often found? And are you worried about your children’s and pets’ health?

Using tick pesticides we can get rid of both ticks and your worries. Both your children and pets will be safe in your garden.

Basic information on ticks control

How do we proceed when controlling ticks

Tick-free surroundings is only four steps away:

  1. Call us and together we will discuss and assess the situation.
  2. We arrange suitable date concerning the weather forecast.
  3. Our technician arrives at appointed time and applies the pesticide.
  4. Then you get instructions about after treatment behaviour.

Duration of works

Usually, we can deal with ticks within one hour. The duration of works depends on the size of the garden and green areas.

Health risks

We use only approved desinfectanst that are safe. We can substantiate all our desinfectants with safety documents.

BONUS: For each treatment you get 20% discount on any preventive measures

How much it costs

Situation: A family living in a house with garden is worried about increased occurrence of ticks infected with Lyme disease or tick-borne encephalitis. Nevertheless, they want their children and dog to use the garden freely without any health risks.

Solution: Harmless tick pesticide. The effect of the pesticide may last up to three months (depending on weather).


  • Garden area 200 m2 – 1.200CZK
  • Garden area 500 m2 – 1.900CZK
  • Garden area 700 m2 – 2.400CZK
  • Garden area 1 000 m2 – 3.150CZK

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Why choose our services

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  2. Fair offers and professional care.
  3. Prevention program and pest insurance.

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