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How to control pigeons

Control pigeons that contaminate your property and pose health risks to you and your family.

Risks posed by pigeons


Pigeons contaminate the areas around their nests by fouling. In some cases it might ruin your property completely. Most of all, they pose a threat to human health because of the diseases and parasites they carry.

In many cases, other parasites can find home in pigeons’ nests. One of them is a pigeon tick which can parasitize on humans and its bite is very painful. Others parasite include mites, moths, and other dangerous parasites.

How to control pigeons


Pigeons usually build nests in attic or in seclusion. These areas are often hard to access.

Pigeon population can be reduced by ensnaring them which is extremely strenuous. This job is accompanied by maintenance of fouled areas and removal of nests, eggs, and dead pigeons. In addition, it is necessary to prevent the pigeons from further contact with the object. The solution lies in netting, spiking, fixing any looseness etc.

Basic information on pigeon control

How we proceed

Our technicians work in five steps:

  1. First, they assess the situation.
  2. Second, they maintain ensnaring or arrange traps.
  3. Then they procure cleaning and removal of nests, eggs and dead birds.
  4. They pigeon-proof the premises.
  5. And, at last, they take subsequent measures and offer advice to clients.

Duration of works

Duration of works depend on extent of contamination which can be assessed only on the spot. The process may take an hour but also several days; especially, if it requires clearing out the object, subsequent cleaning, sanitation, and proofing.

Health risks

Only pigeon presence poses health risks, not their elimination. We use cages to ensnare pigeons and safe cleaning agents for disinfection.

BONUS: For each treatment you get 20% discount on preventive measures.


All prices, VAT excluded.

Service/product Price Number
Deratization (cellar, basement) 450CZK 3x
Appointment within 24 hours, weekends, holidays +20%  
Appointment in 3 or more days -20%  
Deratization bait BASIC 30CZK 1 pc
Deratization bait STANDARD 100CZK 1 pc
Deratization bait PRO 150CZK 1 pc
Departure in Brno area always 550CZK  
Futile trip (no intervention) 850CZK  
Transport outside of Brno 8CZK 1 km

In case of very strong infestation or difficult conditions only contractual prices are valid.

You get the price calculation on your request.

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