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Pest control for companies

Thanks to our pest control service you can keep your staff healthy. Moreover, with proper pest control you can avoid property and storage loses.

Why pest control in your company

Required by law

According to the law 258/2000 (Protection of Public Health) every employer is obligated to guarantee protection of healthy working environment and to prevent infectious diseases from spreading.

That is the reason your company should take preventive steps againt pest occurrence, as pests can carry infectious diseases or contaminate your working environment, food, and stored goods.

Protect property of your company

A small amount of money invested in high quality pest control service can help to protect the technical base of a company. No more chewed-up cabels and short circuits of your intranet or electricity.

We can provide protection of your stored goods – no more gnawed packaging or goods soiled with rodent droppings or urine.

Within pest control service we can offer you

  • Tailor made solution
  • Regular monitoring and reporting of pest occurrence
  • Preventive measures using baits
  • Pest control treatment within 24 hours in case of emergency
  • Complete pest control service: control register, record storage, diagram showing placement of baits, HACCP

3 reasons to contact us

  1. No worries for you – complete A to Z service.
  2. Safe pest control – modern methods and high quality detergents.
  3. Individual approach to suit your company needs in terms of complex pest control.


Require commercial pest control

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Why choose our services

  1. Most up-to date agents and technologies.
  2. Fair offers and professional care.
  3. Prevention program and pest insurance.

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