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How to control mice, rats and sewer rats

Find out how to control rodents safely and effectively.

How they can be dangerous and how to get rid of them

hubeni-mysiMice and water rats

Mice transmit infected germs (e.g. typhus). They can gnaw food package very quickly and thus damage it. Indications that you have a mouse problem include malodour and noise.

Mice can be quite difficult to control because of their swift reproduction. We strongly recommend you to take advantage of professional treatment that might save you a lot of trouble.


Rats carry infectious diseases and damage food. They are capable of gnawing insulation material on pipes or electric mains and, as a result, cause extensive property damage. Their occurrence is signalized by malodour and droppings.

Rats are very skilful and high floors, girders, and roofs are high-risk spots for rat infestation. Only a well trained professional can exterminate rats.

hubeni-potkanuSewer rats

Sewer rats are common pests – they carry diseases, such as Weil hepatitis, paratyphoid fever, and hog cholera. They also damage food. They can also bring on property damage when they gnaw insulation materials, pipes, and electric mains. Their occurrence is indicated by malodour and droppings, too.

A professional extermination of sewer rats is not an option you should be thinking over for too long.

Basic information on rodent control

How we proceed

Our technicians work in five steps:

  1. First, they assess the situation.
  2. Second, they pick the most suitable technology.
  3. Then they prepare the object for treatment.
  4. The execution of the pest control measures follows.
  5. And, at last, they take subsequent measures and provide customers with advice.

Duration of works

Duration of works depend on the size of the infested premises. One-off treatment in a house basement can take about 60 minutes.

Health risks

It is necessary to make sure that kids and pets cannot get into any baits. That is why we always mark such a place visibly.

As it is not recommended to handle dead rodents, we take care of them for you.

BONUS: For each treatment you get 20% discount on any subsequent proceeding.


All prices, VAT excluded.

Service/product Price Number
Deratization (cellar, basement) 450CZK 3x
Appointment within 24 hours, weekends, holidays +20%  
Appointment in 3 or more days -20%  
Deratization bait BASIC 30CZK 1 pc
Deratization bait STANDARD 100CZK 1 pc
Deratization bait PRO 150CZK 1 pc
Departure in Brno area always 550CZK  
Futile trip (no intervention) 850CZK  
Transport outside of Brno 8CZK 1 km

In case of very strong infestation or difficult conditions only contractual prices are valid.

You get the price calculation on your request.

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Why choose our services

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  2. Fair offers and professional care.
  3. Prevention program and pest insurance.

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