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How to control moles and martens

Get rid of unpleasant company of moles, martens, and other uninvited guests.

Why they are unwelcome and how to control them


Moles do not rank among dangerous pests, nonetheless, their activity in your garden is usually not welcome. Their speciality is ruining lawns and plants.

If you need to solve a mole problem, put away the shovel and call us.


Martens might cause serious problems not only in your barn or attic but especially if they get under the bonnet of your car where they can bite electrical mains.

Nevertheless, martens are registered as protected species, so they cannot be controlled. Therefore we ensnare them into special traps. This type of solution might take some time.


BONUS: For each treatment you get 20% discount on any subsequent proceeding.


All prices, VAT excluded.

Service/product Price Number
Deratization (cellar, basement) 450CZK 3x
Appointment within 24 hours, weekends, holidays +20%  
Appointment in 3 or more days -20%  
Deratization bait BASIC 30CZK 1 pc
Deratization bait STANDARD 100CZK 1 pc
Deratization bait PRO 150CZK 1 pc
Departure in Brno area always 550CZK  
Futile trip (no intervention) 850CZK  
Transport outside of Brno 8CZK 1 km

In case of very strong infestation or difficult conditions only contractual prices are valid.

You get the price calculation on your request.

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