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How to control ants and spiders

Find out how to safely get rid of ants and spiders that have inseminated your household.

Why are they unpleasant company and how to eradicate them


Ants damage food and their presence has a bad influence on our feelings.

Monomorium pharaonis casent0005782 profile 1Pharaoh ant is the most difficult type of ant to control. This type of ant creates several colonies across the whole household. It is crucial to eliminate all of them. Pharaoh ant can avoid baits and can keep going without feeding for a long time. Adequate treatment carried out by experienced specialists can save you lots of stress.

Jak-vyhubit-mravence-a-pavoukyAnts in your household “take care” of your food and their ever-presence is very annoying. If you are looking for a long-term solution, then the best thing you can do is to arrange a precautionary interference just before the start of the season..


Although spiders in the Czech Republic are not classified as dangerous, their presence in your household can be very unpleasant, especially if there is larger number of them. This can be particularly repulsive if you are sensitive to their presence.

If you want your home to be spider-free, do not hesitate to contact us.

Basic information on ants and spider control

How we proceed

Our technicians work in five steps

  1. First, they assess the situation.
  2. Second, they pick the most suitable technology.
  3. Then they prepare the object for treatment.
  4. The execution of the pest control measures follows.
  5. And, at last, they take subsequent measures and provide customers with advice.

Duration of works

Duration of works depend on the size of the infested premises. In one apartment the treatment can take from 60 to 120 minutes.

Health risks

It is necessary to respect our instructions during and afterwards the treatment. We use technologies and chemicals professionally and according to their prescribed usage.


BONUS: For each treatment you get 20% discount on any subsequent proceeding.


All prices, VAT excluded.

Service Price Number
Disinfestation of pharaoh ants 450CZK 1x
Disinfestation of ants 550CZK 2x
Desinfestation of cockroaches, silverfish, moths 550CZK 2x 
Appointment within 24 hours, weekends, holidays +20%  
Appointment in 3 or more days -20%  
Departure in Brno area always 550CZK  
Futile trip (no intervention) 850CZK  
Transport outside of Brno 8CZK 1 km

In case of very strong infestation or difficult conditions only contractual prices are valid.

You get the price calculation on request.

Request a treatment

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Why choose our services

  1. Most up-to date agents and technologies.
  2. Fair offers and professional care.
  3. Prevention program and pest insurance.

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