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Rodent control (deratisation)

Get rid of mice, rats, sewer rats, moles, pigeons, and other pests that endanger both your and your family’s health and property.

Why pest control

  • We help you to get rid of unwelcome guests that can carry diseases and thus we protect your health.
  • We prevent food contamination, property damage and store damage.
  • By taking precautious steps we can prevent pests-proof your premises.

Why ask for specialized treatment

  • Usually, an amateur intervention is not followed by coveted result.
  • Even more, after amateur pest control treatment the situation might get worse.
  • Besides, only professionals can treat effective detergents.

What pest control treatment looks like

Tailor made pest treatment

We prepare a pest control plan to suit your needs and requirements. For companies we can register pest control into HACCP system.

One-off problems

Do you need to solve the pest problem quickly and effectively? We will come to you just once.

The price depends on the date of the appointment

No need to hurry? We can do better planning and you can get lower price.

What pests do you need to get rid of?

Mice, rats, and sewer rats


Moles and martens




How we approach to pest control

Would you like to know what to expect? Pest control intervention usually goes as follows:

  1. Make a demand and we get back to you with preliminary price.
  2. We make an appointment with you and inform you how to get prepared for the treatment itself.
  3. Our technician arrives at your place, assess the situation and price. Then he executes the treatment.
  4. After the treatment you get a written record and information on following procedures to make the treatment as much effective as possible.
  5. In case of need you can arrange another appointment with the technician.

Why choose our services

  1. Most up-to date agents and technologies.
  2. Fair offers and professional care.
  3. Prevention program and pest insurance.

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