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Insect control (disinsection)

Stop being in stress because of an infested household. Stop worrying about your family’s health.

How can disinsection help you

  • We will rid you of the troublesome insect that carry diseases.
  • We prevent food contamination and keep your furnishings safe.
  • By maintenance of wooden structures we can protect your building and prolong its lifespan.

Why not to try to do it by yourselves

  • Effective desinfectants are toxic and require special handling.
  • Non-professional treatment can not only make the situation worse but also put your health in danger.
  • Each species of insect has its specific needs and it is necessary to use a special procedure to eradicate them.

What insect control treatment looks like

Thorough service

We prepare everything necessary for successful treatment, monitor infestation and, if needed, arrange regular check-ups.

The price depends on the date of the appointment

No need to hurry? We can do better planning and you can get lower price.

Free treatment guaranteed

Arrange pest insurance at our company and we guarantee you all treatments for free as long as the insurance goes on.

What kind of insect do you need to control?

Bed bugs, flea, cockroaches


Ants and spiders


Wasps and hornets




Our attitude towards disinsection

Would you like to know what to expect? Disinsection usually goes as follows:

  1. Make a demand and we get back to you with preliminary price.
  2. We make an appointment with you and inform you how to get prepared for the treatment itself.
  3. Our technician arrives at your place, assess the situation and price. Then he executes the treatment.
  4. After the treatment you get a written record and information on following procedures to make the treatment as much effective as possible.
  5. In case of need you can arrange another appointment with the technician.

An example of eradicating bed bugs

Dezinsekce štěnic

The owner of the flat discovered bed bugs in his bedroom. They spread in his sheets and in the construction of the bed, too.

Our technician executes spraying at all places where bed bugs could be presented including the bed construction. After the treatment he puts the infected sheets into a special sack. In order to prevent the owner from getting into contact with bed bugs, it is necessary to wash these textiles in high temperature. The sack dissolves during the process of washing.

The first treatment usually does not eradicate the eggs of bed bugs. Therefore, the second treatment is carried out about two weeks later. In this second round all the newly hatched bed bugs are eradicated.

Why choose our services

  1. Most up-to date agents and technologies.
  2. Fair offers and professional care.
  3. Prevention program and pest insurance.

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